Peter Lynn Escape


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Freestyle / Wakestyle!

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Category: Vandens aitvarai.

The Escape is built for ambitious and experienced riders who seek to amp up their riding to more extreme levels.

The result is a modern C-shape design that delivers its explosive power in a smooth and controllable way and offers performance for both hooked & unhooked freestyle tricks.

Its deep profile gives the kite a lot of grunt without sacrificing the upwind performance. This ensures you can stay in the competition box to perform more tricks during your heat.

Its C-shaped design gives it the ideal freestyle and wakestyle performance profile.

Solid power through turns, absence of backstall and an intuitive & responsive feel make the Escape an excellent choice for the competing rider.

The Escape can handle a lot of wind and can be pushed in its higher wind range when flown by expert hands

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Peter Lynn Escape

Peter Lynn Escape

Freestyle / Wakestyle!

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