Cross Kites Quattro


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The Cross Quattro has the same superb price quality ratio as the other kites in the range. The Cross Quattro is a user-friendly and stable kite, ideal for the starting powerkiter who wants to learn kiting with four lines. The kite generates a lot of pull which every powerkiter will enjoy, even after many exciting sessions and plenty of adrenaline rushes. The Cross Quattro is Ready-2-Fly.

Cross Quattro:

• Four-line foil kite

• Includes: lines, handles, kitekillers, manual and bag

• Size 1.5: Blue

• Size 2.5: Red

• Size 3.5: Green

• Size 4.5: Blue


• User friendly

• Very stable 
• A lot of pull


• Polyester ripstop nylon

• Size 1.5: 4x18m (60ft) Dyneema line 75/150kp (160/330lb)

• Size 2.5: 4x18m (60ft) Dyneema line 75/200kp (160/440lb)

• Size 3.5: 4x18m (60ft) Dyneema line 75/200kp (160/440lb)

• Size 4.5: 4x18m (60ft) Dyneema line 75/200kp (160/440lb)

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Cross Kites Quattro

Cross Kites Quattro

4-lynų su valdymo rankenomis!

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