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HQ Fluxx Affordable 2 Line Trainer Kite

The HQ Fluxx trainer kite is the cheapest trainer kite we carry. It is an affordable quality 2-line training kite for learning how to kiteboard, kitesurf, snowkite, or kite landboard. Whether your budget is a little tight, or if your just looking for an inexpensive trainer to learn basic kite flying skills, the Fluxx 2.2 is a good option for any adult.

Today, kiteboarding and snowkiting are becoming more and more popular with younger kids. Kites and gear are becoming more user friendly and much safer to fly. The HQ Fluxx offers smaller sizes (1.3 and 1.8) which are great for families with younger kids who would like to learn power kiting skills for kiteboarding and snow kiting. The Fluxx is a great 2-line trainer kite for young kiters with adult supervision to learn foundational kiting skills.

Flying Performance

The HQ Fluxx trainer kite has a nice smooth flying action that is very responsive. This is a good kite for learning kite control, muscle memory, maneuvers, and how to safely fly in the wind window.

This two line trainer kite is rated to fly in wind ranges from 4mph to 24mph. Our experience is 8 mph to 20 mph are the best wind conditions for flying. Flying even small kites without experience will always increase the power generated by the kite and will also cause the kite to respond extremely fast, making it more difficult to control. Children should never fly a kite in high winds (exceeding 15 mph) and should always fly under adult supervision. These smaller kites can really zip in higher winds.

The HQ Fluxx is best suited for recreational flying, and as a trainer kite.

Some light weights may even get a little pull across the snow or land on a skateboard or mountain board.


Kite Size and Power in 8mph to 12mph winds for a person over 140lbs.

1.3m - Very little to no pull on your arms
1.8m - Very little pull on your arms
2.2m - light pull - will start to feel a little pull on your arms when aggressively flying the kite


The Fluxx is constructed of a rip stop polyester with inner diagonal ribs that provides medium strength and durability. The bridle design allows for easier relaunch. The kite is made well but we would caution in flying in winds over 20mph.

Package Includes

The Fluxx comes complete and ready to fly.

Bar and Fly Lines
Nice Carry Bag

* Wrist strap sold separately
The wrist strap is an optional safety system for 2 line control bars and makes it possible to release the control bar when feeling overpowered without losing the kite.

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HQ Fluxx

HQ Fluxx

2-jų lynų su valdymo baru

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